STUNT the Sport

STUNT the Sport

STUNT the Sport (“STUNT”) is a new competitive sport that focuses on the technical and athletic components of cheer skills, including partner stunts, pyramids, basket tosses, group jumps, and tumbling. Skills are organized and performed in short routines over four quarters of play—(1) partner stunts, (2) jumps & tumbling, (3) pyramids & tosses, and (4) team performance–where two teams compete head-to-head and are judged on the execution of each skill routine. The team that performs the skills best wins the round and the point. STUNT is based on leveled competition. There are opportunities for all ages and levels because of the wide range of skills performed by each team.

  • Partner Stunts: Teams display precision and synchronization in executing intricate partner stunts.
  • Jumps & Tumbling: Athletes demonstrate their agility and acrobatic prowess through impressive jumps and tumbling sequences.
  • Pyramids & Tosses: Teams construct and execute elaborate pyramids, showcasing teamwork and strength, while also incorporating dramatic toss elements.
  • Team Performance: The grand finale involves a comprehensive team performance, where all elements come together seamlessly to create a captivating routine.

  • During competition, two teams go head-to-head, with judges carefully evaluating the execution of each skill routine. The team that demonstrates the highest level of skill and precision in their performances wins the round and earns a point.

    STUNT is unique in its approach to competition, as it is based on leveled play. This allows for inclusivity, accommodating both first-timers and elite athletes alike. The sport offers a wide range of skills performed by each team, providing opportunities for participants of varying skill levels to engage and excel.

    Whether you're a newcomer or an experienced athlete, STUNT offers an exciting platform to showcase your cheer skills and compete at different levels. To delve deeper into the world of STUNT, explore the details and opportunities available at Embrace the thrill, challenge, and camaraderie that define this dynamic sport.